Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo

Ohgushi group
Address: Kashiwanoha 5-1-5, Kashiwa, Chiba 277-8581, Japan
Phone: +81-4-7136-3250
Fax: +81-4-7136-3251
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  • Condensed matter physics: magnetic, transport, and optical properties of correlated electronic systems including superconductors, quantum magnets, and quantum Hall liquids
  • Solid state chemistry: synthesis and characterization of new transition metal oxide, chalcogenide, and intermetallics

Up to now, we have researched on following topics.

  • Resonant x-ray diffraction study on CaIrO3 (08-)
  • Electronic properties of Fe-based superconductors (08-)
  • High pressure synthesis of new superconductor HgxReO3 (07-10)
  • Polar-metallic state in pyrochlore-type A2Re2O7 (06-09)
  • High-pressure synthesis pf post-perovskite-type CaPtO3 (05-06)
  • Insulator-metal transition in Ca1-xNaxIrO3 with post-perovskite structure(05-06)
  • Spin-flop multicritical phenomena in Mn2AS4 (A = Si and Ge) (04-05)
  • High pressure synthesis of orthorhombic CuRh2O4 (04)
  • Electronic properties of spinel-type chromium compounds (00-04)
  • Quantum hall liquid in flat-band ferromagent (99-00)

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